In the Studio


Robbie produces records at RavenTape Music Room, his personal musical laboratory.  A converted garage nestled in the heart of Leslieville, Toronto where the walls are lined with vintage synthesizers, an old Steinway piano, a modular synthesizer, guitars, basses, and vintage microphones.  There, he produces records covering all aspects such as budgeting, booking studio space, hiring musicians, workshopping songs, writing, and mixing.  Whatever the artist’s needs may be, Robbie can accommodate to get the job done.  His studio covers many of the services that most larger studios provide, and he has access to a network of musicians, writers, and technicians to help get the project past the finish line.

Session Keyboardist and Bassist

Robbie has played on countless records.  He is a first call session keyboardist amongst many of Canada’s top producers (James Bunton, Murray Pulver, Michael Philip Wojewoda, Chris Stringer).  Armed with a world class recording facility in his garage, he pumps out remote keyboard and bass recordings that appear regularly on records across the globe.  Hiring Robbie on a session will give you decades of studio experience on how to craft a great keyboard part, while hiring him for remote sessions equates to the same with world-class mix ready sound quality.


Robbie mixes out of RavenTape Music Room using a hybrid workflow combining the best of the digital realm with high-end analog equipment to give his mixes a character that stands out from the standard in the box approach used by many these days.  Using his keen musicality and the technical skills he has developed over the years, Robbie will help make your productions reach their full potential through his attention to detail in the mixing process.

Dolby Atmos Mixing

Looking to expand your music into an immersive experience?  RavenTape Music Room is one of a small number of Dolby approved mixing facilities for Atmos in Canada.  As an early adopter Robbie has gained insights into this process and some of the creative possibilities that this new technology provides.  Have Robbie Spatialize your music to give listeners an immersive experience!