Robbie Grunwald, is a first-call keyboardist, musical director, producer, composer, mixer, and educator based in Toronto. With a proven track record and extensive experience, Robbie brings professionalism and precision to every project.

Robbie has earned credits on countless International and Juno-winning and nominated albums by artists such as Donovan Woods, Diljit Dosanjh, Jill Barber, and Rose Cousins.  Through his work in the studio, Robbie has worked alongside many acclaimed record producers including David Bottrill, Michael Philip Wojewoda, and James Bunton.  His expertise as a session player in the studio extends to the stage where he has served as musical director and playback engineer for some of the same artists he regularly records with (Donovan Woods, Jill Barber)  touring across the globe, with featured performances available on CBC’s Live at Massey Hall program.

Robbie currently works on production and mixing out of his RavenTape Music Room, an intimate facility for writing, production, mixing, and Dolby Atmos mixing.  Through the years of working in the studio with the high-profile artists and producers listed above, Robbie has developed his own unique style of production and mixing that caters to the song and nurtures the best out of the artists he works with including successful collaborations with artists like Blackbird Valley and Lydia Persaud.

Beyond collaborations, Robbie maintains several of his own musical projects, including DoubleTooth, Blackbird Valley, Green’s Genes and his own solo work.  With his debut solo piano album, “Oma,” Robbie showcases his talent for crafting evocative musical experiences.  Through his own creative artistic practice, Robbie has defined himself as a wonderful composer with credits in music for film (Open Shadow, the story of Teal Swan), contemporary dance (Michael Caldwell, Mairead Filgate, Meredith Thompson), and television (Yidlife Crisis).

Backed by a record of success and innovation within the music industry, partner today with Robbie Grunwald to elevate your project with precision and expertise.